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Here at the Saddleworth Vintage Bus Company we are proud to introduce our very first bus, a fully restored 1938 Bristol L single decker which we have named Annie and our latest addition a 1947 Daimler CDV 6 double decker now called Jenny which has been beautifully restored by its former owner.

Both buses offer a unique transport option for any occasion and are for hire to bring you and your family or friends something both special and memorable.

Our aim is to provide you and your guests with that extra something which you will remember for years to come.

Annie our single decker is now permanently back in the area for the first time in many years alongside Jenny our double decker.

We also run the Saddleworth ramble on most sunny weekends for locals and tourists alike with either one of our buses. (Please see the events page and map for our set route with stunning views and places of interests)

A trip on board either of these vintage vehicles will suit any age bringing a sense of history and nostalgia from yesteryear. We are privileged to own these heritage vehicles and work hard to ensure that they are kept up to date to current VOSA regulations, in great working order and gleaming condition to guarantee your enjoyment as many other vintage vehicles are in museums or private collections and are not available for the public to enjoy a trip on board.

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